Brazlian model Karina Oliani swims in formal wear with sharks

Brazilian TV personality and model Karina Oliani is no stranger to diving.

She has been a diver for 20 years and lately added a new twist to her hobby.

She swam with sharks in the Bahamas while she was wearing formal gowns to raise awareness of shark conservation.

The photographs are breathtaking as she effortlessly traipses through the water without help from her own SCUBA.

She did have an underwater safety team which provided her with oxygen, she wrote on her blog.

The underwater photoshoot was part of a documentary, Wild Waters, which premiered in February.

Adventure sports photographer Alexandre Socci shot the beauty while she swam in and out of a coral-covered shipwreck.

She is extremely talented underwater and was once a professional dive instructor, according to her blog.

The documentary aims to raise awareness of finning, which is quickly killing off millions of sharks every year for an Asian delicay, shark fin soup.

Sharks are being mass-slaughtered for their fins and the animals’ portrayal as a killer has made it difficult for conservationists to raise support.

Through the photoshoot, Oliani hoped to get the message across that sharks are harmless (for the most part).

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