Neff and Mac Miller collection tests new waters for popular brand

Mac Miller drops some knowledge with his new Neff x Mac Miller collection; photo courtesy of Neff

Mac Miller drops some knowledge with the new Neff and Mac Miller collection; photo courtesy of Neff

Reality television star, social media troller, basketball ringer, and hip-hop artist Mac Miller likes to have his hand in a little bit of everything. The Pittsburgh native continues to spread his wings with the launch of his newest clothing collection, a collaborative effort with Neff Headwear dubbed the Neff x Mac Miller Collection. The collection features nine co-branded pieces—t-shirts, hats, a tank-top, sweatshirt, and watch—all with the vibrancy we come to expect from Neff and some additional Miller flavor. The collection coincides with the drop of Miller's second studio album, “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” which debuted on Tuesday. GrindTV caught up with Neff founder Shaun Neff to find out more about working with the 21-year-old rapper who once Twitter feuded with Donald Trump.

What are you guys most excited about with this newest collaboration?
Personally, the most exciting thing about this collaboration was the opportunity to get to work with Mac and go through the creative process with him. Neff is working on pushing out a fresh new feel with more mature designs, and putting out this collection with Mac was a great way to do that.

Neff are no strangers to bright colors, but some of the other designs are a new step for you guys. How did that come about?
At its roots, Neff has always been all about fun designs, bright colors, and pushing the limits with fashion. For the last few years, we've felt sort of handcuffed to the suckerface logo due to its popularity at retail—no matter what we designed it had to incorporate that face. We're excited to start moving away from that and to start making more creative product without worrying about an icon.

Photo courtesy of Neff

Mac Miller’s second studio album, “Watching Movies with the Sound Off,” dropped Tuesday; photo courtesy of Neff

What was it like working with someone as high energy as Mac Miller?
Mac surrounds himself with a great team, and our meetings were always energetic and exciting. My brain is always spinning a million times a second trying to think of fresh and fun ideas, and Mac and I were really able to connect on that level, which was rad.

What say did Mac have in the process? How does he feel about the collection?
This whole collection was designed by Mac and his team—Jimmy and Q. The first time I met Mac he was wearing a backpack with an Indian-inspired print, and we ended up presenting a few Indian patterns in our second meeting. Mac loved the idea and took it to the next level with his team. Both of us are stoked on this collection.

Do you guys have your eyes on more music acts coming up? Any other collaborations we should keep our eyes out for?
We just inked a deal with Damian Marley, which I'm super excited about. He's been another amazing person to work. Beyond that, we're always in talks with different personalities. Be on the lookout for some huge collaborations coming out later this year.

The Mac Miller Collection is available exclusively at Zumies.