Newest Phantom camera makes stunning on-hill debut

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The Phantom HD camera changed the action sports game in 2011, bringing ultra-high-quality slow motion footage to the forefront of action cinematography. Now Phantom blows our minds once again with the new Phantom Miro M/R/LC-320S—a camera offering the same quality in a portable package.

Sports cinematographer Chris Bryan decided to put the gadget to the test last week, employing skier Bernard Roscow to man the follow cam for riders Russ Henshaw, Jordan Houghton, and Jesse Houghton on a 100-foot kicker in Australia. For those who aren’t clear, that means Roscow launched himself airborne while trailing the skier by about ten feet holding thousands of dollars of camera equipment in his hand. The result is a stunning visual that rivals anything Hollywood has to offer and leaves the viewer gasping for air. Holy handheld slo-mo, things just got real Down Under.