Nick Rozsa: Call it a Comeback

Here is the final episode of filmer Chris Papaleo and surfer Nick Rozsa’s Homegrown Project. As far as projects go, you’d have to stamp this one as a staggering success.

Four months ago Rozsa was a burnt out former surf star with a new baby and a career working construction to look forward to. Then a call from his longtime friend and filmer, Chris Papaleo, began Nick’s rise to success. Each episode of their web series gained momentum for the project, earning twitter-praise and a guest appearance by Kelly Slater.
Homegrown’s creator Chris Papaleo was kind enough to lend us a couple words about the endeavor. Here’s what he had to say:

GTV: What led you to start this project?
CP: Just wanted to get back into making surf videos with my friends. I bought a new camera and started shooting Nick everyday. Thought it would be cool to try and get Nick sponsored again.
GTV: What has the last 4 months been like for you?
CP: Busy. Still working my normal job while trying to get decent videos out on the web with no real budget. The exposure we’ve been getting is rad. Makes me pretty psyched on shooting.
GTV: What’s the future hold the future hold for you two?
CP: Keep shooting every chance we get and continue to put out webisodes people enjoy watching. We have some other ideas we’d like to try out in the near future but for now check out

The grand finale leaves Nick’s home beach and takes us to Mexico where he lays into some pointbreak perfection. Things are looking up for Rozsa. He recently signed with Reef clothing and Penny Skateboards. Papaleo and Rozsa also partnered up on their new website, SaltyBeards.

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Nick Rozsa interview with Penny Skateboards:

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NICK ROZSA | PENNY from Penny Skateboards on Vimeo.