Nick Rozsa’s Homegrown series: Part 1

Ventura’s own blue-collar hero Nick Rozsa and filmer Chris Papaleo have been working on a mini-series of rip clips called HOMEGROWN as of late.

Nick enjoyed a fruitful amateur career riding for Reef and trotting the globe, but like many rippers of our generation, the economy and various hiccups have forced Nick underground. Now surfing is his hobby, and being a hard-working family man comes first. Still, Nick finds the time to go ballistic on his home turf, as evidenced below.

In a time when heli-cams and fog machines are becoming the norm, it’s refreshing to see something produced without the corporate hand holding the camera. You won’t find any product placement here, folks. Nick’s surfing is as sharp as ever, and the editing/music is superb. Coming in at over 6 minutes, you may need to pop some ritalin if you’re used to the 2 minute surf clips flooding the internets, this one is worth your time.

This chapter 1 of 5. Enjoy.<embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="400" height="300"></embed>

Rozsa Homegrown from Papaleo on Vimeo.