‘Numb’ is an epic cold-water surf adventure

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Surf photographer Tim Nunn and surfer Ian Battrick are tougher than you. The duo spent months snow camping in the Canadian wilderness, scouring Iceland's remote coastline for surf, exploring the fjords of Norway, and hunting icy slabs in Scotland—all in the name of adventure.

The takeaway? Six years in the making, a new coffee table book titled “Numb” is a frigid chronicle of Nunn and Battrick's cold-water surf adventures. The stories and photographs within are not for the faint of heart—or warm-blooded—and include professional surfers Timmy Turner, Chris Noble, Raph Bruhwiler, Eric Ramsey, Sepp Bruhwiler, Josh Mulcoy, Pete Devries, Noah Cohen, Toby Atkins, Ryan Turner, and others.

"For those hardy enough to actually do it, ‘Numb’ is perhaps a blueprint—or at least inspiration—for radical, off-the-map surf adventures,” said Alex Dick-Read, founding editor of The Surfer's Path.

While 6 millimeters of rubber may sound like serious armor to surfers used to boardshorts and the warm-water surf-trip hazard of razor-sharp coral, “Numb” proves that even the thickest wetsuit doesn't offer much protection from run-ins with bears, cougars, and killer whales.

The pages of the book overflow with stunning imagery from some of the world's coldest and most remote coastlines, interspersed with adventure stories spawned by the treacherous surf missions and wildlife encounters behind the photos.

A former photo editor at Wavelength, Europe's longest-running surf magazine, Tim Nunn grew up surfing in the frigid waters of the North Sea and is now a freelance surf/adventure photographer and writer.

The limited-edition hardbound book is more than 200 pages and can be purchased at www.lunasurf.co.uk.