Why Patagonia is ‘Closed for Business’

Closed Gone MarchingThe shifting tides of climate change continue to ebb and flow. At the forefront, and in favor of environmental and social responsibility, is a formidable opponent of large special interests: Patagonia, whose ever-present commitment to the environment at large marches on. In their latest call to action, Patagonia ran a full-paged ad--"Closed for Business"--in Thursday’s New York Times. Why? To bring awareness to the People’s Climate March.

“Our goal is to help the activists leading this effort encourage as many people as absolutely possible to join the largest climate march in history on the streets of New York,” says company spokesperson Adam Fetcher in a company release.

On Sunday, Patagonia’s Central Park West location (426 Columbus Ave.) will open its doors as an activation center and meeting place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and then close them until 3 p.m. to participate in the march. The company’s four New York retail locations will participate.


In addition to participating in the Climate March, Patagonia is asking people to vote for candidates with environment-friendly platforms.

Joining the march is Patagonia chief executive Rose Marcario, herself a staunch supporter of voter advocacy and preservation-focused organizations (i.e. Protect our Winters, Catskill Mountainkeeper, New Yorkers Against Fracking, and HeadCount). “On Sunday, we're joining a historic community of concerned citizens marching on behalf of the environment at the doors of a meeting of world leaders with the power to make real changes for our future. We stand up for a healthy planet and encourage lawmakers to make climate change an absolute priority,” she says.

Additionally, Patagonia launched its Vote the Environment campaign, a crowd-sourced art campaign designed to inspire voters to support candidates in the midterm election who will act on behalf of the future, and the planet.

To learn more on the subject, read Marcario’s recently published blog post “Why I’m Joining the People’s Climate March.”

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