Patagonia closing all U.S. retail stores on Election Day to encourage voting

To encourage voting for the environment, Patagonia announced today that they will be closing all U.S. retail stores on November 8 for Election Day. All 29 U.S. stores, the customer service centers and headquarters will all be closed on Election Day, and they will also be giving their 1,800 workers a paid holiday for their Vote Our Planet initiative.

No matter what your feelings are on this election, we can all agree that the cataclysmic environmental issues we are facing as humans have not been at the forefront of the discussion like they should be.

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Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario said in a release, “During a time of catastrophic environmental crisis, when America needs strong leadership to confront the fundamental threat of climate change, voter turnout threatens to reach historic lows as people are turned off by the ugliness of politics.”

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By focusing efforts on getting citizens to vote for our water, our air and our soil, Patagonia is aiming to change the dialogue to one that spurs positive changes for our planet. Make sure you get out there on November 8 and vote.

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