Polaroid Camera Giveaway

Beach House by Brad Klemmer

Polaroid pictures are back. And when it comes to media such as art, film, and music, advances in technology are always met with a resurgence of the old techniques, like some sort of hipster balance of life. The advent of CDs led to the resurgence of vinyl, with whole new generations now appreciating the gritty heart and soul of listening to your favorite music on a record player that even our parents would deem archaic. Photography is another case study of this theory. The invention of digital photography has threatened to replace film forever, so naturally people have started to look back at our photographic past to document life the way it used to be. Polaroid pictures take us back to a time before the internet, before facebook, to a time when holding a photo in your hand was more important than being tagged in an album. Its incredible to see today’s world through the tones and contrasts that we have long been cataloged away in our memories as the distant past. Old is new and new is old again..

A few weekends ago at the Pitchfork Music Festival, crowds swooned to sets by Pavement, Big Boi, LCD Soundsystem, Neon Indian, Robyn, Modest Mouse, and many more. A photography crew from Polaroid were on the scene to document the performances as well as gather a series of intimate, candid shots of festival attendees enjoying the events… check out more on the Polaroid facebook page

Now on to the giveaway.. We have a Polaroid Camera to give away to the person who best answers this question:
IF YOU HAD THE LAST POLAROID CAMERA ON EARTH WHAT WOULD YOU TAKE PICTURES OF WITH THE LAST ROLL OF FILM? Answer in the comments section… Our staff will pick the winner and contact them for mailing address.

Big Boi by Brad Klemmer