This pro snowboarder turned a 1953 fire truck into an adventuremobile

As you might have noticed, #vanlife has become a full-blown social phenomenon, with many people turning vans and buses into mobile homes to set out for life on the road.

And while everyone has their own unique take on vanlife (this guy turned an ambulance into an adventuremobile), pro snowboarder Austin Smith has one of the more original approaches we’ve seen: He turned a 1953 GMC fire truck into his house on wheels.

The above video comes courtesy of filmmaker Dylan Magaster, a vanlife aficionado who has dedicated his YouTube page to profiling people partaking in off-grid, tiny home and van living.

“This is my fire truck, or ‘micro dojo,'” Smith says in the video while describing his recent switch to living in the fire truck. “I’ve never lived in a vehicle before, I’ve never lived in a parking lot before, I wasn’t sure if I would like it.”

While he is relatively new to vanlife (he finished retrofitting the fire truck in December), Smith says living out of his “micro dojo” has been a relaxing experience for him, because after constantly traveling the world as a pro snowboarder, having a home in the parking lot of Mount Bachelor in Oregon gives him a reason to stay in one spot.

“For the last 10 years, I’ve been traveling around snowboarding, jumping off cliffs … people take my picture, it goes in a movie or magazine or something and that’s essentially my whole life,” Smith says in the short clip. “So for the past 10 years I’ve been traveling non-stop … I built this little micro dojo to stay at home and not travel. So I built a house on wheels to stay put.”

Smith has managed to run his entire rig off solar power despite living in it during the harsh winters in the Pacific Northwest, and scrolling through his Instagram feed, he seems to be thrilled with his decision to switch over to the vanlife.

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