Rapid Response with Mikala Jones

Mikala Jones is right at home in the barrel; frame grab from video

Mikala Jones is right at home in the barrel. Frame grab from video

We caught up with the globe-trotting, barrel-seeking, Hawaiian-turned-Indonesia resident Mikala Jones as he made an appearance in SoCal for Reef's new movie “De Passage.” A soft-spoken guy who rides a small board in big waves, we fired away at Mikala in this week's “Rapid Response” interview …

From dawn till dusk, describe your dream day …
Wake up early, walk out the front door and surf some perfect waves with nobody out. Go home for breakfast with the wife and kids, then head back to the beach and surf with them till the sun goes down. That's the perfect day for me.

Who's in your personal hall of fame?
My dad, Tom Curren, and Sunny Garcia. My dad just because I wouldn't be here without him, and Curren and Sunny because they're my favorite surfers.

What are you reading right now?
I'm pretty much stuck on buoyweather.com and Surfline all day long. No books or mags right now [laughs].

What's on your playlist?
I have an old iPod with like 5,000 songs on it. I just hit shuffle and whatever pops up, I'll listen to—I'm not too picky.

What's your world view, i.e. code for living?
Karma. I really believe that what goes around, comes around.

Dead or alive, who's on the guest list for a private party?
Me, you, our wives, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, the Beastie Boys, and 73 other random people who want to have fun. Why 73? That's the perfect number; it'd be right around 100 people.

Any regrets?
No regrets, but I'm sorry for staunching (Australian slang for 'blowing off') a couple people along the way … I'd like to apologize for that, sorry!

Most embarrassing moment?
I was flying with my mom to Indonesia, and I had my feet up while on a layover in Guam. I looked between my legs and noticed I had a big rip in my pants—everything was hanging out [laughs]. Everyone saw everything. Pretty embarrassing, but whatever.

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