Red tide at night: no drugs required

Hows about this red tide?
If you live in Southern Southern California and have made your way to the beach at all recently you no doubt noticed that the water looks like porto-potty runoff. This is actually a giant phytoplankton orgy, which I guess is a bit better than surfing in poop.

Also, if you’re a seal you may have noticed that all the associated algae sperm is making you a bit crazy in the brain. Please don’t bite any humans.

The only consolation prize to sick poo water and crazed seals is that once the sun goes down, the algae turns on it’s bioluminescent blue glow. Pretty trippy, even if you’re sober as a judge.

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Red Tide Surfing San Diego 2011 Bioluminescence from Loghan Call on Vimeo.