Repeat After Me: I Am Free

Are You Free? Of course you’re not. If you live within the borders of a place that has a system of governing, you’re not free. So pretty much, unless you live on Antarctica, or the moon or something; you can’t call yourself totally free. Some people of course are more free than others, and I guess that is where it gets tricky. In those terms, I guess the people on Earth who are ruled the least are the ones who are most free.

John Locke said way-back-when, that every person born to this world should be guaranteed his or her “inalienable” or “natural rights”, in other words the freedoms every human should possess: Life, Liberty and estate. To most these are obvious, but many on this planet still to this day do not call them their own.

He talks of “social contracts,” and that these rights are “self-evident and universal,” before getting into the most important part when talking about being governed; your “statutory,” or legal rights. This pertains to the purpose of a government. If you are born with these “natural” rights, what’s going to make sure that someone else’s freedom isn’t going impede on yours. And that’s why there’s government, police etc.

Then, a man named Thomas Jefferson read Locke’s writings and was inspired. He practically plagiarized Locke and wrote something called the “Declaration of Independence.” Sound familiar all you USA dwellers? He along with Rosseau, Hume, Kant and Paine have a lot to do with how you country was started.

Back to my original question, Are You Free? Well, technically no, but for society to work; Yes! And that brings me to Insight clothing new skate documentary, “Repeat After Me: I Am Free” A documentary of “The Fly On The Beast Tour” of Australia, which is a country that may have started out freer than anywhere, a continent of isolation where Europe’s criminals were sent to roam. Here’s a list of who roams freely in this video: Jamie Thomas, Daniel Shimizu, Nick Boserio, Tyler Mumma, Bernie Foo, Sam Partiax, Paul Shier, Brian Brown and Ryhs Grogan

Skate Feature: “REPEAT AFTER ME; I AM FREE” – A Fly On The Beast Documentary from Insight Clothing on Vimeo.