RockonSB and Markus Mathis Crowned as the Chosen

After four months of hard work and hype, the Nike Chosen Contest culminated with the Chosen Sessions, a weeklong event held in the picturesque village of Silvretta Montafon, Austria.

Nike pros, the top 12 Chosen Series AMs, and the top 3 video crews spent seven days indulging in everything Austria had to offer.

The AMs took part in Best Line, Skate Bowl, and Big Air sessions, while the crews spent endless hours creating edits featuring the best of their Austrian antics.

On the final night of the event, a soiree was held in a cinema to view the videos and announce the winners. One AM and one video crew were selected by Nike Pros as the “Chosen” for the grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Baldface Lodge in British Columbia, a total of $50,000 and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to live like a Nike Pro. The competition was incredibly close, but Swiss rider Markus Mathis took it for the AMs and the eccentric RockonSB crew from Germany earned it with their artsy edit “Trip to the Past.”

After the week of insane snowboarding on the massive setup in Montafon, the sentiment surrounding the Nike Chosen Sessions was that it didn’t matter who the actual ‘Chosen’ were. Everyone was excited to take part in the incredible Austrian adventure.

On the final night, we asked Nike Pros, AMs, and Video Crews their favorite moments on and off the hill. Here are five of our favorites.

Spencer O’Brien- Nike Pro:
If I were an AM, and had the chance to come to Austria, win 10 grand, and have the chance to go to Baldface, I would freak out. Even as a Pro, I’m like, “10 Grand and a trip to Baldface? I want to do this contest!” I’ve never ridden a park this good anywhere in the world, so it was really awesome.

Andrew Wang- Chosen Series Winner- China:
My Favorite moment off-hill was partying at the little house and beating Olli [Pigg] in go-carting. This whole experience has been really amazing– clean air, hanging out, shredding, and getting sauced with everyone. So good.

Henry Jackson- RedBull Host:
It’s hard to pick because there were so many amazing moments, but managing to get a photo of me face-planting in the deep section of the bowl while Gerome Mathieu did a perfect invert on the wall and having the photographer capture it perfectly. Off-hill, going out a couple of nights ago to what looked like a random Austrian barn. We were told it was a club and we didn’t know what to expect. We walk in and they were playing banging dub-step, heavy electro and great music.

Louie Vito- Nike Pro:
I had a lot of fun in the bowl session because everyone was there and it was a true jam session. I also had fun cruising the park and watching the video crews put together their edits for the week.

Matti Rautanen- Smallzinema Crew:
Off the mountain, the best part in Austria was definitely the wienerschnitzel. So much schnitzel!

Check out all the action from the final night of the Chosen Sessions.

The Ultimate Chosen Crew: RockonSB

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