Scott Soens: His office is… the world.

To do what you love for a living, that’s what we all strive for, right?

Patagonia releases another short film in their series “preOccupations” on Scott Soens a well-known surf/music/all around badass photographer and cinematographer, doing…just that.

In this episode, the much-recognized photographer Scott Soens tells us what inspires and motivates him. The visuals, meanwhile, cover all the in betweens, and demonstrates why he’s known for such brilliant work. -“The cameras have changed but the end goal is to inspire people and to make people happy.”

Soens’s background is that he “swam with sharks” in the corporate world as an assistant to photographer Bruce Weber and when he had enough being treated as less than, It was said he gave the figurative middle finger, packed his bags for a surf trip to Costa Rica and branched out on his own. I think we can all say, we are happy that he did.

Directed by Chris Malloy and filmed by Jason Baffa.