Action sports documentaries are going to the girls

Sensi Graves

“Where the Wind Blows” focuses not just on action sports, but on a healthy lifestyle in general. Photo by Jen Jones Photography

"I saw 'Pretty Faces' recently," says Sensi Graves of the highly acclaimed all-female skiing movie that was released earlier this month. "I was blown away by the female camaraderie and how much it made me want to get out there."

Turns out, Graves might be poised to take over the reins as the one inducing a little "get out there" fever. She's one of four professional kiteboarders starring in a hot-off-the-cutting-room-floor web series all about the sport--and the women who dominate it.

Where the Wind Blows

“Where the Wind Blows” follows four professional kiteboarders over the course of one summer in Hood River, Oregon. Photo by Jen Jones Photography

Sensi Graves

Sensi Graves says all-female action sports documentaries will help encourage more people to try varied sports. Photo by Jen Jones Photography

Sensi Graves

“Where the Wind Blows” focuses on all aspects of a healthy life, from sustaining friendships to sustainable food sources in the Pacific Northwest. Photo by Jen Jones Photography

"Where the Wind Blows" is a three-part docu-series following Colleen Carroll, Laura Maher, Lindsay McClure, and Graves, some of the most formidable professionals in a relatively "new" action sport, as they chase the wind along the coast and desolate areas of the Columbia River Gorge near Hood River, Oregon, a quickly growing hub for kiteboarding in the summer. The focus is not just on the action (slowed down, sped up, and captured with crystal clear, adrenaline-pumping quality), but the farm-to-table movement and pared down simplicity of life that's so intrinsic to the Pacific Northwest. The goal? To inspire more people (and more specifically, women) to try their hand at the sport. And, according to Graves, "a healthy dose of inspiration goes a long way." Watch episode one now:

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