SneakerNStuff and Converse leak Lovikka preview

They didn’t show us much, but it was enough. The second coming of the SneakerNStuff and Converse collaboration, Lovikka, was leaked earlier this week with a series of close-up photos, and the word is out: these shoes are legit. Modeled after knit mittens made to keep workers in northern Sweden’s Lovikka village warm during the long winter, the shoe collab is a classic Chuck Taylor with mitten-esque, knit-crafted detail along the upper and a woven tassel off the heel. First released in 2010, the new version features a gray colorway with SNS’s signature red, yellow, and blue along the midsole. There is no release date announced for the shoes as of yet, but SNS and Converse sure know how to build the suspense. Just hand them over already! –Kade Krichko