Southern Utah provides stunning MTB backdrop for ‘World of Adventure’

Southern Utah is one of the top mountain biking destinations in the U.S., and for good reason.

“It’s like riding on the moon,” says Lindsey Voreis, director of Ladies AllRide.

Vories and her team travel throughout the country to spread their joy for mountain biking with other women. She says in the latest installment of “World of Adventure” that mountain biking is a way of life for her.

“In mountain biking, there is no room for those negative thoughts,” she says in the video. “You can really only think thoughts that serve you, that move you forward. That’s life!”

The women traveled to the remote backcountry in southern Utah, where they depended on their Subaru to get them there safely over the rough and rocky roads.

Follow their entire adventure in the video above.

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