Surf photographer Aaron Checkwood’s newest photo series is unreal

Aaron Checkwood

The double exposure of a sunflower and a breaking wave was part skill, part luck according to Photographer Aaron Checkwood. Photo: Aaron Checkwood

It’s hard to believe photographer Aaron Checkwood didn't use Photoshop for his newest project, which fuses images of flowers underneath landscape shots of the ocean.

To get the trippy effect, Checkwood double exposed his photos. First, he photographed different flowers. He then rewound the roll and shot photos of the ocean on top of the flowers.

The results are astounding.

A sunflower looks like it's giving birth to the perfect barrel, while a pineapple frames an incoming set.

The photographer said he enjoys the process, which isn't easy.

“In an age of insta-digital results, I like taking pride in the art and the process,” he told SURFING.

Aaron Checkwood

The double exposure of a pineapple and an incoming set. Photo: Aaron Checkwood

He went on to say that double-exposing photographs takes a lot of luck, but it worked out well for him on this project.

“In this case, I actually had a lot of keepers, but the ones that did the weird shit, with the weird effects and stuff, were actually my favorite – and you can't control that,” he said.

Read more about Aaron Checkwood’s photography and view more photos at SURFING.

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