Tackling the Casco Bay SwimRun two by two with ‘World of Adventure’

“We come from backgrounds where our sports are very structured,” notes Michael Hoffman, an endurance athlete whose triathlon experience keyed him right into the inaugural Casco Bay SwimRun earlier this year.

“We know the distances, we know where the courses go. So being taken out of that and put in an environment where you have to deal with tides and constantly changing environments, it’s something that we don’t really have experience with, but I think that also makes it so much more exciting.”

The race, which links eight islands in a southern-Maine archipelago near Portland, challenges competitors to pair off and navigate the technical runs and inter-island swims side by side. They must finish together.

With more than 10 miles of beach and trail running and 4 miles of open-water swimming, the Casco Bay SwimRun adds the element of unpredictability. Join “World of Adventure” as they track the teams through the first-ever ÖTILLÖ-style race in the U.S.

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