The 41st Annual Surfer Poll Nominees

The 41st Annual Surfer Poll awards will take over the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore for the second year in a row on Dec. 6th, 2011. The prestigious awards will be judged by a panel comprised of SURFER staff and experts in the realm of surf filmmaking.

Here are the 2011 nominees. Who would you pick? Head to Surfer Magazine and let them know how you feel.

Best Barrel

John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
Alex Gray (Teahupoo Uncut)
Josh Kerr (Kerrazy Kronicles)
Cory Lopez (Teahupoo Uncut)
Dean Morrison (A Dingo’s Tale)

Worst Wipeout
Kohl Christensen (Surprise Excitement Party)
Evan Faulks (Surprise Excitement Party)
Nathan Fletcher (Teahupoo Uncut)
Mark Healey (Surprise Excitement Party)
Rodrigo Koxa (Teahupoo Uncut)

Best Digital Short
Another Day in the Life of Wayne Lynch
Lost Interest
Uncommon Ideals
Seven Ghosts: Tidal Fantasy
Andy’s Swell

Heavy Water

Dean Morrison
Nathan Fletcher
Laurie Towner
Bruce Irons
Mark Healey

Best Cinematography
Come Hell or High Water
Float: Archipelago
Lost Atlas
Sight / Sound
Year Zero

Andy Irons Best Performance Award

John John Florence (Get-N-Classic)
CJ Hobgood (Year Zero)
Josh Kerr (Kerrazy Kronicles)
Carissa Moore (Leave A Message)
Dean Morrison (A Dingo’s Tale)
Yadin Nicol (Year Zero)
Dusty Payne (Lost Atlas)

More Surfing Videos

Best Documentary
Lost and Found
White Wash
Minds In The Water

Movie of the Year
Lost Atlas
Year Zero
Kerrazy Kronicles
Come Hell or High Water

LOST ATLAS – TRAILER from Kai Neville Studio on Vimeo.

Check back for predictions from each category.