These floral designers seamlessly blend surf and work for an idyllic lifestyle

Flowers and waves. They’re two lovely things, separated by necessary environments to grow, but united in their beauty and power.

Angie and Emily, the dynamic duo behind Bloom Babes. Photo: Amazonas Photography

Emily and Angie of Bloom Babes recognized the power that both flowers and surfing shared, leading them to the creation of their own floral design company. Both women are avid surfers and flower lovers, and their passion shows.

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We chatted with Emily about the creation of Bloom Babes: two locals that have combined their passion for botany and the sea into one creative endeavor.

Tell me a little bit about the origins of Bloom Babes. How did your journey begin?

I was going to college and Angie was working as a waitress, and both of us were not stoked on our paths. I think we both knew there would be a better option for us.

I grew up in a family with strong floral and artistic ties, so being a florist was always in the back of my mind; Angie grew up spending most of her free time in nature and also had an innately keen eye for design.

With both of us having a main goal of surfing every morning, a conventional job was kind of out of the picture. So to piece these details together, we both ended up getting jobs at flower shops, and from there we were able to book freelance work (mostly for friends’ weddings in the beginning).

Bloom Babes was born when we left the flower shops in 2014 and has just continued to grow from there.

Did surfing factor into Bloom Babes from the beginning?

Absolutely. Angie and I prioritize surfing. Having a business of our own almost came out of necessity for the sake of taking time to surf.

We needed a career that would allow us to create our own schedules so that we could surf in the morning and block out weeks for surf trips.

No job really allows for this, so we decided to become our own bosses.

Just one of many breathtaking creations the Bloom Babes put together. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Brockmeyer

When did you (both) start surfing? What kind of impact has it had on your lives?

I grew up in the ocean; I think I always felt called to it. I learned to surf in middle school for the surf club, then I stopped for years to pursue Track and Field through college. When I wasn’t surfing I felt like there was something missing; as soon as my Track career ended with a torn MCL, I quickly got back in the water and have been surfing ever since.

Angie always felt called to surfing too. It wasn’t until she was in high school with her driver’s license that she was able to get herself down to the ocean, but since she was 17 she has been bound to her board. Even her husband (whom she met while surfing at Oceanside Harbor) is a surfboard shaper. (SJ Surfboards, for the record.)

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How do you balance your love of surfing and exploring, and your daily business?

The rules that we make for ourselves: no work before 11 a.m. and no work on Sunday are set in place so that we can surf every morning (providing the surf allows). This alone has been instrumental in our work/life balance.

Angie and I love traveling, so we know that anytime an opportunity to travel/surf presents itself, we are able to be flexible and to capitalize on that opportunity.

The Bloom Babes on their trip with Billabong to Cabo last year. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Brockmeyer

How do you combine your two passions?

In a number of different ways. Angie and I have been personally affected by the combination of our two great loves, in that the lessons we learn from both play off each other and have allowed us to grow in our skills.

Failure is mandatory for growth in surfing, and failure is mandatory for growth in floral design. Learning how to cope with our mistakes and keep progressing despite the seemingly slow improvements is something that we have to learn in both realms.

In terms of combining the two passions on a more physical level, we can say that our floral design vibe is much more relaxed and free flowing - probably due to all of the salt water in our system.

What has been the most unexpected thing to happen since you started your business?

Neither of us really expected Bloom Babes to be the business that it is today. The opportunities that have been presented to us have been crazy in very unexpected ways and we are so grateful and so stoked to have this life.

We are in the right place at the right time with our business, and I couldn’t feel more empowered by it.

Specifically partnering with Billabong last year has been the highlight of our awesome surprises, probably because we got to experience a direct connection between our two passions.

Waves and babes. Bloom Babes, that is. Photo: Courtesy of Jeff Brockmeyer

What are your goals for 2017? Any surf trips planned?

Well so far we are off to a great start. We spend New Year’s at K38 in Mexico, and we are going to mainland Mexico for a surf trip in early/mid February. I’m sure there will be other trips on the horizon this year.

As far as goals go, I think we both just want to keep working on bettering our surfing and our floral designing. Making enough to survive and surf is all we want, that’s what makes us happy.