This Instagram account pokes fun at ridiculous camping photos

If you spend a decent amount of time on Instagram you’ve probably stumbled across any of the hordes of Instagram accounts dedicated to profiling the trends of #vanlife and tiny houses — accounts like @vanlifediaries and @tinyhouseblog.

At their core, the trends make sense: Who doesn’t want to travel more and lead a mobile lifestyle? But as with everything on Instagram, sometimes people take things just a bit too far, and it’s for that reason that the @youdidnotsleepthere account was created.

The account playfully pokes fun at some of the more outlandish/staged camping and van life photos that can be found across Instagram. Most of the people whose photos it reposts seem to have a laugh at it, and since they’re in on the joke, we figured we’d roundup a few of the crazier photos we’ve seen.

Remember: camping is great, but sometimes it’s better to just put your phone/camera away for a moment.

Campers who pitch a tent in the middle of a highway

Please, don’t set up camp in the middle of an active road. It’s bad for traffic and your general health.

Intense high-wire set-ups

The risk/reward balance for getting into this tent seems to be heavily skewed towards the former.

Again, please refrain from setting up tents in areas of active traffic

When your campsite comes with an entourage. #youdidnotsleepthere • photo @_vanisland_

A post shared by @youdidnotsleepthere on

We here at GrindTV don’t know if the rail bridge in the above photo is still in use, but we do know setting up your tent over railroad tracks isn’t very comfortable.

Experiments in underwater camping

Mondays at this office: 👍🏼. #caseofthemondays #youdidnotsleepthere • photo @hendisyahputra

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You can’t camp underwater. Also, submersion and laptops don’t tend to go together well.

Tents on top of roofs in cities

We suppose you could pitch a tent on a rooftop in the middle of a noisy city, but doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose?

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