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Happy Friday, folks!

To celebrate the week's end, we're sharing our favorite Vimeo On Demand vids, just in case you need something to watch this weekend:

‘#Defining Mick Fanning’

Contrary to what you might think given the news lately, this is not about the shark attack. It really isn’t even about surfing exactly either. #Defining Mick Fanning goes beyond the 3x World Champion surfer to examine the man behind all of those world titles. In intimate interviews, Mick opens up about the sudden, tragic loss of his brother, Sean, and shares about his championship comeback after a devastating injury. Again, this is not a surf movie. It’s a movie that examines what defines Mick Fanning.


Care for an adrenaline rush from the safety of your own couch? Then watch Wingmen. In the world of BASE jumping, there is no room for error and one mistake will most likely cost you your life. This new documentary follows three BASE jumpers in wing suits, Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes and Ludovic Woerth, as they share the highs and lows of the sport they love. The footage is fast-paced and borderline terrifying, capable of giving the viewer all of the rush without any of the risk.

‘Catch the Vapors’

Brush the dust off this 2007 video and get pumped for winter. Catch the Vapors combines all of the best of freestyle, all-mountain, all-terrain and backcountry snowboarding into one film. From backcountry kickers, to custom parks, street sessions and the most bottomless powder the world has to offer, there was no setting left untouched. Locations featured include Lake Tahoe, Whistler, Red Mountain Pass, and Norway, just to name a few.

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