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Happy Friday, folks!

To celebrate the week's end, we're sharing our favorite Vimeo On Demand vids, just in case you need something to watch this weekend:

‘MTB Insights’

We’re told that the goal is to combine your passion with your career. That’s living the dream. But for these guys, maintaining the fun in a professional mountain biking career is actually the challenge. MTB Insights follows mountain biking today and the lives of the sport’s top riders. Between epic action shots and straightforward interviews, get to know those at the top of the sport in Europe and North America. Featuring Sam Pilgrim, Matt MacDuff, Antoine Bizet and many more.

‘Fair Chase’

Inspired by the book Born to Run, this documentary follows 10 distance runners as they attempt to chase down the second-fastest land animal in North America. Fair Chase examines the importance of running in human life, the “primal” nature of this sport and the basic instinct of behind it.


A film made in tribute to all of those fallen riders of the Isle of Man TT race since 1907, IOM TT follows their desire to ride and the risks that come with dodging through hedgerows at speeds close to 180 mph. It’s a hauntingly powerful film, and as moto-journalist Wes Siler said, "… probably the most compelling 15 minutes of motorcycling I've ever watched."

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