Trail running documentary hits the silver screen

Last August, adventure filmmaker Joel Wolpert embarked on a project to document ultrarunner, free soloist, and mountain man Anton Krupicka in his natural habitat of the Colorado Rockies. Now Wolpert wants to share his findings with the world in a one-of-a-kind documentary titled “In the High Country,” scheduled to debut this summer. The film follows Krupicka and his passion for the mountains, as well as his uncanny running and athletic abilities. Krupicka has dominated a number of endurance mountain races that often stretch for longer than 50 miles, including the daunting Leadville 100—twice. So far we only have a trailer to work with, but we catch a glimpse of Wolpert’s cinematic skill with sweeping landscape views integrated seamlessly into multi-angle running shots. There are very few static moments and it seems like the mountains themselves are as much characters in Wolpert’s plot as Krupicka is. With the running season heating up, it seems that this unique outdoors documentary is dropping at just the right time.

In the High Country (official teaser) from Joel Wolpert on Vimeo.