True Color Films – Snow Cones & Cotton Candy – part 1

If the title of this video doesn’t intrigue you enough to watch it then there could be something seriously wrong with you. True Color Films has released part one of “Snow Cones and Cotton Candy” featuring Rene Schnoller, Nicholas Wolken, Lisa Filzmoser, Alvaro Vogel and Shinya Nakagawa as they take on Japan pillow lines, powder fields, cliff drops, and tree runs. Bold statement but we think all of that may just be better then snow cones and cotton candy.

Their guide, Shinya Nakagawa, embodied an old school backcountry vibe – willing to do whatever it took to get fresh snow, hike to secret stashes, and make sure everyone was enjoying themselves. It’s apparent that this was a trip of a lifetime with unlimited powder, perma-grins, repetitive fresh tracks and high fives all around. Pretty much every snowboarder’s dream.

This will make you dream of Japan snowboarding for quite some time.

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