Upcoming reality TV show ‘Utopia’ seeking contestants

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An upcoming reality TV show, "Utopia," is seeking participants. Frame grab courtesy Fox Broadcasting

Based upon a hit Danish television show, "Utopia" is, according to a press release, "a bold new unscripted series that moves a group of everyday people to an isolated, undeveloped location—for an entire year—and challenges them to create their own civilization."

Think "Game of Thrones" meets "Survivor," with a dash of Lord of the Flies thrown in for good measure.

"'Utopia' will be the largest, most ambitious social experiment on television," said Simon Andreae from Fox Broadcasting. "The series offers people from all walks of life the chance to start all over again and re-write the rules of civilization as we know it. It addresses fascinating and fundamental questions about human law, morality, and social structures, wrapped in an irresistible and truly forward-thinking television format."

Once the participants are dropped off at the "isolated location," they'll have to fend for themselves, meaning gather food, make shelter, form some type of government (or just go the anarchy route), create a currency, and try not to kill each other in the process (although that would make for some great numbers).

Sounds kind of intriguing, and got me to thinking: What would my utopia be? First off, it'd have to be a tropical island with myriad surf spots; second, I would be king and not have to work; and third, there would be a great microbrewery to which I alone had the keys. But alas, I'm married and would like to think that my wife would balk at the thought of me leaving for a year (the reality is that she'd probably buy me a one-way ticket). But just because I can't be on "Utopia" doesn't mean you can't; they're casting for the reality TV show now and are keen on "action sports" types and enthusiasts.

Head on over to www.utopiatv.com for your chance to be one of the 15 inhabitants of the new "Utopia."

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