Vans- Since 66 behind the brand video

Director Eliot Rausch created an inspirational and in-depth video documenting the Vans family entitled ‘SINCE 66.’

It started with a certain Paul Van Doren, a 16 yr old high school dropout whose mother was unhappy with his rebelliousness. As a result, she made her son join her to work at a shoe factory, sweeping floors. Van Doren worked up the ladder learning the trade and the rest is history.

For over 46 years, Vans has treated its company more like a part of the family. As founder Paul Van Doren says, “It was never about waving around the brand like a flag. It was always about the people.”

The video features Steve Van Doren, Steve Caballero, Leila Hurst, Keith Morris, Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi and many more giving a heartfelt salute to Vans.

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