Volcom’s ‘True to This’ embraces all things boarding

Nothing personifies Volcom more than a skateboard ramp built over the water.

Nothing personifies Volcom more than a skateboard ramp built over the water.

Before the clothing brand Volcom came around, surfing, skating, and snowboarding mixed like oil and water. Surfers hung out at the beach, skaters got chased around by mall security, and snowboarders were somewhere up in the mountains. And while surfers rode skateboards to the liquor store, skaters went to the beach (and were careful to not remove their shoes), and snowboarders dabbled in both disciplines until the first snow of the winter, there was no crossover, and squabbling between camps was frequent—as a surfer kid I remember dousing the local skate crew's ramp in mustard and mayonnaise.

Fast forward 20 years and everyone is doing everything. Snowboard legend Brian Iguchi is surfing in Tahiti, skaters are building half pipes in the ocean, and surfers are looking to their landlocked brethren for inspiration. Surfers are skating, skaters are surfing, and snowboarders are doing it all.

A lot of this action sports co-habitation stems from Volcom embracing all things boarding. Dubbed "America's First Boarding Company," Volcom perpetuates the “ride anything” mentality that stems from the very top of the brand: "I was 25 and just introduced into the world of snowboarding," says Volcom cofounder Richard Woolcott, who is a former pro surfer. "I really got sucked into this snow/skate scene. There was so much energy going on; it was really creative and really new and kind of opened up a whole new creative door. It was a cool time."

What changed was that surfers, skaters, and snowboarders all began to look toward each other for inspiration. The surf/skate/snow prefixes got dropped and a new term was coined for those who did it all—boarders. In 1991, Volcom embraced this change and became the first company to combine surfing, skating, and snowboarding under one brand. In celebration of this boarding revolution, Volcom will release “True To This" in March. Grab your boards and leave the mustard at home; this is going to be one hell of a ride!

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