Wanted: Arnette Skylight Zac Marben Signature Goggles

Arnette’s Uncommon Projects line features limited-edition signature pieces that reflect some of snowboarding’s great and unique stories. So when Arnette decided to release Zac Marben Signature Goggles, it was only fitting that they let the pro snowboarder, musician, and artist add his own personal touch, with some of his own artwork along the adjustable strap. The result? The Zac Marben Signature Skylight and Series 3 Goggles. The Skylight is available in a limited-edition red colorway with a gold chrome lens and still uses the classic Skylight’s No-BS (no blind spot) technology. The lens is big, but not bug-eyed, and provides solid coverage, while using an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to keep your vision clear no matter how many branches thwap you on your deep powder tree laps. MSRP $149.95 –Kade Krichko