Wanted: Eton American Red Cross Solarlink FR600

Searching for all your mobile electronic needs in one easy-to-use product? Look no further than the Eton American Red Cross Solarlink FR600. The Swiss Army Knife of electronic utility, this compact, transportable device is a digital AM/FM/SW/NOAA radio featuring S.A.M.E. technology for location-based weather alerts, a flashlight, siren, and a cell phone charger. And the real kicker? The entire unit runs on solar power, making it the ultimate off-the-grid electronic information source. The Solarlink FR600 is a must for those looking to spend a couple nights in the woods, and for each sale of the FR600, Eton donates half of its proceeds to the American Red Cross. Check out the Solarlink FR600 here. –Kade Krichko