Wanted: Magic Showerhead GS2000 Outdoor Shower

Now this is just cool. The Magic Showerhead puts a whole new twist on the outside spraydown with its GS2000 Outdoor Shower, a garden-hose-powered shower that sprays up instead of down. The shower is a simple 21.5-inch by 27.5-inch teak base that can be placed on a deck, behind the house, or even out in the middle of the lawn (because everyone has his preference). After screwing a garden hose into the base, 22 fine jets spray water up from six feet to 13 feet (depending on water pressure), and the height can be adjusted by a small wheel on the platform. Outdoor showering has never been easier, and at $279.95, the Magic Showerhead GS2000 is a much cheaper and more portable option than building an entire outdoor unit. –Kade Krichko