Wanted: Misfit Shine

Ok, so this is a little technical, but it’s worth it. The Misfit Shine might just be the most innovative approach to fitness tracking to date. The Shine, a small aluminum disk about the size of a quarter, is actually a monitoring device meant to track your running steps, bike pedals, or swim strokes to determine if you have reached your daily exercise goals. How does it work? The Shine can be synced to your wireless device by simply setting it on your screen and opening the Shine app (available at the iOS store). From there, it attaches to a specialty bracelet or clip (sold separately) and then put on the body. The Shine will monitor any of your movements throughout the day, and by tapping the unit, you can see how much of your daily exercise output has been achieved via a series of red LED lights. You can also sync the Shine with your mobile device at any point to see how close you are to your goal. Small, light, and effective, the Shine is in development stages but will be available to the market soon if it can reach its project goal on indiegogo. Be a part of new-wave fitness here. MSRP $79.00 –Kade Krichko

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