Wanted: Neff Neffland Trucker Hat

Welcome to Neffland, population: you and every other self-respecting skater, boarder, and skier out there. Neffland is home to the steezy, the rad, and the gnarly–a place that any skate or mountain bum refers to simply as his “happy place.” Commemorate your last visit to the “happy place” this year with the newest Neff headpiece, the Neffland Trucker Hat. While all your friends brag about the crowded clubs in Cabo or that “one crazy night” in Vegas, just turn your cap around and let them know you don’t attend the party, you bring it with you. The Neffland Hat is a symbol of good times everywhere, and in its unique khaki colorway, it goes well with just about anything. Let your fun flag fly this winter, and let everyone know just how sweet you are. You’re from Neffland, after all. MSRP $21.95 –Kade Krichko