Wanted: Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook

Just in case you were considering writing your latest novel in a monsoon, the crafty folks over at Wood & Metal have you covered with their Rite in the Rain Pocket Notebook. All kidding aside, this 4 inch x 6 inch notebook is designed for scrawling notes in less than ideal weather conditions–think compiling a provisions list at your rainy campsite. The pages of the notebook feature an all-weather coating and the paper itself is rated Archival, which means (I learned) that it will last you a lifetime or far longer than that under normal use. Despite the treatment, all the paper is 100 percent recyclable and is designed for ultra-low environmental impact. Pencils work just fine in the notebook, as do pens. For weather-resistant pens, check out the No. 97 All-Weather Clicker Pen, sold separately. MSRP $5.00 –Kade Krichko