Wanted: Word Notebooks

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a long list of New Year’s resolutions forming in your head beginning something like this: details on what to eat and what not eat, a new strategy on saving money, a reminder to sleep more and stress less (our ability to age gracefully hinges on it!), notes on drinking more water and less coffee, demands to EXERCISE! What we need is a chic little notebook for all these reminders–something small enough to tuck away and carry around with us. Yes, we put pencil to paper, and revise as we go, too–flexibility is a very important skillset. Word has got some discrete little notebooks for us to buy and gift to others. Each notebook features 48 pages of lined paper with the Word bullet point system to keep our thoughts organized. Now, if we can just keep our word to ourselves, next year will go exactly as planned. MSRP three-pack for $9.99 –Crishana Haynes