Three photo blogs to make your weekend obsession

Lets face it, we’ve become photo obsessed! Between Pinterest, Instagram, and the innumerable blogs that we follow, the bottom line is that everyone is taking pictures and sharing them. For anyone looking for some noncommittal weekend reading (no books found in this list!), let me introduce you to three websites that continue to hold my attention. They share similar names, two share similar identities, and all three are inspired: The Sartorialist, The Skartorialist, and The Surftorialist.

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The Sartorialist
No one would argue that Scott Schuman is the founding father of the street blogging phenomenon. His is the first blog that I can remember showcasing photographs of random, fashionably-dressed humans spotted on city streets. Think New York, Paris, Rome-you know where the fashionable set resides. Recently, The Sartorialist has begun peppering in current fashion show footage and short interviews--it’s all very insidery. Also worth a mention here is his girlfriend, Garance Dore, a Parisian blogger who takes a similar approach-but I digress.

The Skartorialist
Skateboarding and street fashion are like two peas in a pod. Skater boys dressed in denim showcase the utility, punk, and irreverence of skateboard culture. Who doesn’t like to look at skater boys? At this site you’ll get you fill. U.K.-based photographer Sam Ashley shows us the similarities and differences of those who travel via skateboard in Europe’s urban centers.

The Surftorialist
Surf blogger Rhea Cortado advances the plot beyond just great imagery. The Surftorialist is a traveling maven who is visiting all the beach breaks most of us would like to quit our day jobs to see. She’s also newsy and incorporates interviews and notable items about the surf industry that even a casual surf fan would still find interesting to read.