The BluePrint Cleanse mindset could help you work hard, play hard

Life is busy. And the busier life gets, the less “me” time we seem to have. I am a classic example of someone with the all-or-nothing mindset. From my perspective, balance is one of the hardest life skills to keep in check. As I write this, I’m trying to recover from my own overindulgence—my desk is littered with containers of green juice from my local farmers market, hot green tea to replace my beloved coffee, Kombucha, and chia water (gotta love Chia Shots). I am not just vaguely considering but am on the brink of pushing myself all the way in to a total re-commitment to my health. If you can relate, consider this an opportunity for a do-over, because we’ve got one idea that might kick start our way back to balanced health, shinier complexions, and a more energetic version of ourselves. You in?

Recently we were introduced to Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Huss, the ladies behind New York-based BluePrint Cleanse, a juice cleansing service, and we are overjoyed to report an important discovery: They’ve taken the fear and failure out of the cleansing equation and have made taking the step to a healthier you that much more accessible.

Founders Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis: photo courtesy of BluePrint

Founders Erica Huss and Zoe Sakoutis; photo courtesy of BluePrint

BluePrint relates to the “work hard, play hard scenario” and has problem solved our commitment-phobic tendencies by supplying a flexible service that simplifies the juice cleansing process while addressing our needs for efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s how it works: Decide on the type of cleanse you want to do. They have three that vary in intensity: the Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation cleanses. Choose how many days you want to cleanse for. Order your juice online and wait for delivery. That’s it!

When the juice is delivered, you will be given six bottles for each day, and they will be numbered in the order you are supposed to consume them. Just sip and enjoy the revelation that you are doing something amazing for yourself and it only took a few minutes to organize. MSRP for a one-day cleanse is $65 to $80, depending on the shipping destination.

The Renovation cleanse: photo courtesy of BluePrint

The Renovation cleanse; photo courtesy of BluePrint

If you’re still on the fence, perhaps meeting the makers will inspire you to commit. We asked Zoe and Erica a few questions about how they got started and what to expect from a BluePrint Cleanse.

Tell us about your first encounter with a cleanse.
Zoe: In early 2000, I was battling a savage cold and turned to a raw-foodist friend who recommended a nutritional juice cleanse instead of the usual drugstore remedies, which never really felt like they were healing as much as covering up. After a week of juicing I was not only cured but I felt amazing. But while I was thrilled with the results, I found the process itself excruciating (buying, washing, prepping, juicing, cleaning, starting over).

What was the motivation to start the brand? Why juice?
Zoe: After that first cleanse encounter, I experienced a defining transformation. I went from a full-scale carnivore to hardcore raw foodist over night and was inspired to bring my experience to others. In order to combine the convenience factor with the best cutting-edge knowledge of nutrition, I studied at the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico and became a certified nutritional consultant (A.A.N.C.). I created BluePrint for myself and for the many like-minded people I knew, who lived at a demanding pace but were searching for a practical, accessible system of cleansing to help them maintain their health and balance, whether they were raw foodists or not. At the end of the day, it just shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating to get access to fresh and healthy juice.
Erica: I had a background in musical theater and dance, and the grueling lifestyle led me to nurture what was already a passionate interest in food and nutrition. I was always of the mindset that while I wanted to eat well for health, truly enjoying good food and wine is a priority as well; food should provide both fuel and pleasure at all times. Zoe and I became friends while working in the New York hospitality and nightlife world, and when I left to pursue hospitality public relations, Zoe called me up in 2006 to help create BluePrintCleanse so that others could experience the benefits of juicing, presented in an approachable, accessible, and non-dogmatic way.

The Foundation cleanse: photo courtesy of BluePrint

The Foundation cleanse; photo courtesy of BluePrint

What can one hope to achieve the first time they do a BluePrint cleanse?
BluePrint: Without a doubt, you feel better in your own skin–physically and mentally. Cleansing helps clear your mind because your body isn't working so hard to digest and your cells are detoxifying, giving your brain room to function at its maximum capacity.

What kind of customer would you say you attract?
BluePrint: We're fortunate to see all kinds of clients–from first-time cleansers to juice fanatics, bridal parties to corporate groups, celebs, and lots of guys too!

Summer seems to be a big cleansing motivator–for those that are looking to shed that winter layer. How can BluePrint help?
BluePrint: Remember, this is a nutritional cleanse designed to give your digestive system a rest and therefore allow your body to eliminate toxins. If you do lose weight, and that was something you were looking for while cleansing, then that's just a happy side effect!

The Excavation cleanse: photo courtesy of BluePrint

The Excavation cleanse; photo courtesy of BluePrint

We're a pretty active bunch here at–can you cleanse and still maintain an active lifestyle? Yoga, surf, hike etc.?
BluePrint: Absolutely! Can we please finally put to rest the myth that if you don't eat a lot, you'll lack energy? Unless one is undergoing a water fast, which should only be done with a coach, energy levels will skyrocket. You’ll be amazed to see that the more you allow your digestive tract to rest, the more your energy gets a boost. The energy that is usually spent on digestion is now yours for the taking, so grab it and go for a hike! Remember–you are feeding your cells, not stuffing your belly.

Share with us a favorite activity and getaway spot.
Erica: I’m a warm weather person, so when I travel I prefer summery climates where I can play tennis, ride bikes, and generally play outside. A favorite recent adventure was Nicaragua and Costa Rica for paddle boarding, hiking, and cooking local seafood.

Zoe: I have a place along the Hudson River. I try to head up there on the weekends—there are some amazingly beautiful trails, so when I can, I like to hike. My most regular getaway would be Tulum, Mexico—any chance I get, I head there to decompress.