‘World of Adventure’ braves the SUP scene in Jackson Hole, WY

Although Jackson Hole, Wyoming is known for its incredible snowboarding and skiing, the town is also a premier destination for water sports, including whitewater standup paddleboarding.

This week on “World of Adventure,” Ken Hoeve, Derek Dryer, Aaron Pruzan and Gillian Gibree take on class III and III+ rapids at The Narrows on the Snake River.

“As you go down the river, it’s a lot like life. You never know what’s going to come around the next bend. The simplicity of just having the standup paddleboard, and your eyes wide open, is just incredible,” says Hoeve, a pioneer of the whitewater SUP sport.

The conditions on The Narrows are bigger than they expected, but the group embraces the unexpected challenges that expedition and adventure SUP travel brings.

“Coming here to Jackson Hole was the epitome of adventure travel,” Hoeve reflects on the experience.

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