‘World of Adventure’ goes kayaking with freestyle champion Rush Sturges

This week, “World of Adventure” follows Rush Sturges, a professional kayaker and filmmaker, as he dives into just how his upbringing on the river shaped his love for the sport.

“Ive been close to death a few times in my career,” says Sturges. “It is a part of the sport when you take it to this level.”

Sturges, who is an accomplished competitor in freestyle kayaking, now focuses on the exploratory element, continuing to push himself and the boundaries of what is possible on a kayak.

Growing up in a family of kayakers, Sturges initially rebelled from the sport, but found his passion for the water after kayaking the Grand Canyon with his father.

“I realized that this is a lot more than just scaring yourself on the river; this is actually about getting into remote places, just enjoying the natural environment, and there was a deeper value in it,” Sturges says.

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