‘World of Adventure’ goes freediving with champion spearfisher Luke Maillis

This week, ‘World of Adventure’ dives into the sea with the Bahamas’ national freediving champion and elite spearfisher Luke Maillis.

Maillis walks through his process as a spearfisher — the slow and steady dance of blending in with the surrounding sea life, the patient waiting to become one with the marine landscape, and the pivotal moment of striking a target.

Living on Long Island in the Bahamas, home to Dean’s Blue Hole — the world’s deepest blue hole and second largest underwater chamber — Maillis has access to depths that many people only dream of. The champion sees freediving as a way to complement his skills as a spearfisher.

After losing his younger brother years ago during a free diving accident, Maillis has taken the mantle of his brother’s work.

“He loved freediving with a passion, and he was a better diver than me. In a sense, I’m kind of taking on his legacy as a freediver. I think he would have been the champion for sure,” says Maillis.

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