‘World of Adventure’ SUPs the Race 2 Alaska with Karl Kruger

On this week’s “World of Adventure,” we join Karl Kruger on the Race 2 Alaska: a 750-mile race from British Columbia to Ketchikan, Alaska, using only human-powered vessels.

And while no motors of any kind are allowed on any vessel in the event, Kruger decided to take it one step further and race on a standup paddleboard. He was the only person to do this.

This profile follows Kruger on his second attempt at paddling this race, having to quit early last year due to equipment failure, and all of the hardships that it entailed.

“Last year, in 2016, I was the only paddleboarder that raced in the Race 2 Alaska. I didn’t back out for any reason other than failed equipment,” Kruger said. “I really want to paddle this race. I want to get it done … it means everything to me.

“When I think back on my life and all the things that I’ve done, I feel like everything has pointed to this.”

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