‘World of Adventure’ visits the elite school for avalanche rescue dogs

This week on ‘World of Adventure,’ we’re taking a look at all the hard work that goes into training the heroes of the backcountry: avalanche rescue dogs.

World of Adventure was onsite with the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue (WBR) outfit in Utah for their biennial International Dog School, to document the loving devotion ski patrol members from across the globe put into training their pups.

The school helps teach the ski patrol members and their canine companions the latest lifesaving techniques on everything from avalanche car burials to tree-well extraction, so they can bring those techniques back to their home mountains and build their own avalanche rescue dog training programs.

“Charlotte’s my best friend,” Nate Bash, one of the attendees says about the bond between patrollers and their avalanche dogs. “We get up in the morning together, we come home and we have dinner together, she’s with me all the time and she loves it. I can’t think of anyone outside of my girlfriend who’s closer with me, and my dog is probably closer.”

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