Angler elevates fishing to absurd new level with drone, and it’s damn funny


Farmer Derek smiles with his catch still dangling beneath the drone.

The time-honored sport of fishing has been elevated to an absurd new level thanks to the use of… you guessed it, a drone.

But Farmer Derek Klingenberg's approach to catching his first fish with a quadcopter – a small perch on some backwoods pond – is entertaining in that it seems to poke fun at this introduction of hand-held computerized technology to the simple art of fishing.

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The drone soars over the pond with a baited line; the line is dipped into the honey hole; the fish bites, and is yanked high into the air and flown to shore.

dronefishing3"My first drone fish!" Farmer Derek exclaims.

But the modernized fun doesn't stop there. With the fish dangling beneath the buzzing drone and over Farmer Derek's shoulder, he pulls a smartphone from his back pocket and Snapchats a photo of the fish, informing friends that video is forthcoming.

Reads one comment beneath the YouTube video: “Gives a whole new meaning to the term, ‘Fly fishing.'”

Meanwhile, at most other small fishing holes around the world, anglers are content, thankfully, to cast their cares away in the traditional manner, minus all the gadgets.

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