Cuttlefish attack on kayak fisherman is quite funny

Australian Jeff Sheppeard, a New South Wales policeman whose hobby is fishing from an ocean kayak and producing online video, has caught huge black marlin and lots of sharks, but the one sea creature he's especially wary of is the cuttlefish.

"I’ve caught heaps of sharks from my kayak, but to be honest I’m more scared of putting my fingers in the wrong place around a cuttlefish than getting bit by a shark," Sheppeard of Kayak Game Fishing told GrindTV Outdoor in an email. "I had a bad experience once while snorkeling and got bitten through a leather glove by a cuttlefish."

He wasn’t laughing then, but his latest encounter with a cuttlefish a couple miles off Gerrigong proved quite hilarious. He was attacked again, but not with its beak. Watch the hysterical assault:

Cuttlefish are part of the squid family and can squirt ink, as well as buckets of water, as you can see from the video. At least Sheppeard, who released the cuttlefish, took it well.

"It was funny," he wrote. "The top half of me got soaked."

It was definitely better than getting bitten, though.

cuttle fish squirting

Photo of Jeff Sheppeard about to get doused by cuttlefish is a screen grab from his video