Fireman, policeman and friend combine to catch a $767,091 tuna

Lifelong fishing friends combined to catch a huge, 236.5-pound bigeye tuna off Maryland last week, but they had to wait a couple of days to find out what it was worth.

Brian Suchke, a police sergeant, and Rich Kosztyu, a firefighter, both from Trenton, New Jersey, were fishing with friend and boat owner Damien Romeo in the White Marlin Open out of Ocean City, Maryland, last week when they hit the jackpot, according to

They were trolling for tuna 80 miles offshore when the huge tuna bit. Kosztyu grabbed the fishing rod and began reeling, Romeo maneuvered the boat and Suschke readied the gaff.

After about an hour, the fish was gaffed and pulled aboard, and looking at the monster tuna, they knew it would be a contender for the cash prizes.

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Details on what happened are a little sketchy, but on the way to the weigh-in, the boat's steering broke. They were towed to shore and then delivered their catch to the weigh-in in a pickup truck.

Since two more days remained of the tournament, the trio were forced to wait to see if their fish would win.

"We had a real anxious two days," Suschke told

It was definitely worth the wait.

Because of all the buy-ins the fishermen entered, the bigeye tuna ended up netting them $767,091.

Not a bad haul for one big tuna.

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