Fireman is pulled overboard by a 400-pound fish; video

After four hours of exhausting fishing action on goliath groupers, Stephen Rampersad was handed the biggest fishing rod in the boat with the biggest baits in an attempt to catch the King of the Wreck.

Little did Rampersad know that the King of the Wreck was about to catch him.

Rampersad, a fireman from Milton, Florida, took his wife fishing for her 30th birthday with Capt. Ben Chancey and Chew on This charters out of Cape Coral, Florida, where he was challenged to catch the biggest grouper of the trip.

"Ben locked my drag down to 90 pounds of yank-you-out-of-the-boat pressure," Rampersad told GrindTV, meaning a fish couldn't easily pull out any line from the reel's drag.

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The bait was tossed into the water on a shipwreck site and moments later he was hooked up to the monster fish.

"After a few minutes of a full-on tug of war, I moved to the side of the boat where things got serious," Rampersad said. "This was the point when I started questioning my life decisions that led me here.

"As this massive fish took another dive back home I just could not turn him. My rod hit the side of the boat and I slowly felt the momentum of this battle shifting to his favor. I knew that to have a chance at winning this war I just needed to hold on.

"The last thing I heard was the distress in my wife’s voice as she said my name when I hit the water."

Two things Chancey thought of when Rampersad was pulled overboard: Did he still have the fishing rod and did his wife get it on video?

The answers were yes: Rampersad held on to the fishing rod with one hand while trying to stay in the boat with the other. And Christen, who enjoys fishing, did get most of it on video.

Once her husband went overboard, she went crazy with her filming, so as you see in the above video, two angles are combined to make the one video.

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Rampersad was pulled back into the boat and proceeded to reel in the King of the Wreck, a 400-pound goliath grouper. Photos were taken and the fish was released.

"Mr. Goliath certainly won a few battles, but I won the war," Rampersad said.

At the cost of losing his pricey 580 Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, we might add.

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