Fisherman miraculously survives flash flood by standing on two rocks; video

A fisherman in China is lucky to be alive after the small stream he was fishing in turned into a roaring river, leaving him surrounded by whitewater as he precariously stood on two rocks.

Miraculously, the man from Chongqing managed to balance himself in the middle of the flash flood until rescue crews could figure out a way to save him.

The Daily Mail reported that it was the Yangtze River, though it might have been a tributary, considering it began as a small stream.

The incident occurred July 3 and was reported in South China Morning Post and the U.K. a few days later, but the dramatic footage has yet to get much play in the U.S.:

The rescue crew set up a zip line and sent him a life jacket to put on. Then a life ring was placed on the zip line, giving the man a harness on which to sit. As he hung suspended over the river, the fisherman was pulled to shore by the group of rescuers.

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This man was lucky. At least five others in Chongqing lost their lives in flash floods, and more than 200 have died in the severe flooding across 26 provinces. The flooding began June 30 with the swelling of the Yangtze and Huaihe rivers. Some areas received 24 inches in a week.

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