Fisherman pulls giant fish through tiny hole in the ice; video

Canadian ice fisherman Sebastien Roy, fishing Lake Simcoe in Ontario, hooked up to what he thought was a big fish, but his friend was a bit skeptical knowing how excited Roy gets when he hooks up.

"So I wasn't quite sure," Steve Rowbotham told CTV News. "I was a little hesitant to believe the size of what he said it was, but as soon as it popped its head through the hole I said, 'Oh my God, that's a big one.'"

CTV has the story and video of the amazing catch:

"This felt different," Roy told CTV News. "When you catch a big lake trout or whitefish they head shake a lot, this just felt heavy."

Once he had it near the hole, Roy could see what was at the end of his line.

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"It's really clear, Lake Simcoe," he told CBC News. "And the minute I looked down the hole I knew it was a record. It was one of the biggest fish I've ever seen swimming around."

The fish was a burbot, also known as a ling or freshwater cod, and it measured 39 inches in length with a 19-inch girth. With a borrowed scale, the burbot weighed 18.3 pounds.

A quick perusal online revealed the fish could indeed be a provincial record, so they hustled off the ice to weigh the fish on a certified scale. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry determined that the fish weighed 17.9 pounds, which easily surpasses the current record of 15.8 pounds and one that is a pending record of 16.8 pounds.

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters are processing the paperwork for the fish to become officially a record. The burbot, meanwhile, is at the taxidermist and will soon be on Roy’s wall.

"For Steve and me, I think the biggest achievement is putting Lake Simcoe on the map and in the record book,” Roy told CTV News.